The Story of Emmie-Rose

This is the story of a little girl that came into this world way ahead of schedule. Now fighting day by day until she can be home with her family. This is Emmie's story. From 23 weeks old on...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Jan 15 2007 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

I finally got a moment to put my thoughts down.
The holidays are over. Woo Hoo! (All parents are cheering)
The kids made out like crazy with the toys as usual.
The business of rotate the toys is in full swing at our house...
The old toys are getting Freecycled out, and the new toys are
where they need to be in the house.

New Years eve everyone stayed up to watch the ball drop in Times Square.
Goodbye 2006.... Stephanie and I had tears of joy for the upcoming year
and tears of saddness for everything that had happened.

We went out to visit Emmie-Rose this weekend. Our 6 Year old took these
pictures with the new camera we got for Christmas.

I finally switched web counters for the site. Jellycounter was hacked and
taken down a while ago. It had been around for years. It was sad to see
that site go. Hooked up with sitemeter so will see how this works out.

Uncle Steve and I had a nice long chat last week.
He and his office are doing well.

Tonight was just a bunch of random thoughts plunked down into the blog.
Sorry for any gooder Engligh. lol

Thank you so much for everyone stopping by to see how things are going!

All our love,

Chris & Stephanie