The Story of Emmie-Rose

This is the story of a little girl that came into this world way ahead of schedule. Now fighting day by day until she can be home with her family. This is Emmie's story. From 23 weeks old on...

Monday, November 09, 2009

Update on Emmie-Rose's Headstone

Hi Everyone!!

It seems like forever since I have posted up here....
As I was reading through My email last night, I came across a Website where everyday people make other everyday peoples Dreams Come True. As most of You know Our Baby Emmie-Rose has been gone for 3 yrs now. Unfortunately, after Placing an order for her Headstone and putting a down payment on it, We havent been able to add anymore to it in order to have them install it. Until it is paid in full, they will not actually order it and place it. They are only able to place them in the Spring/Summer usually (or before or after the ground thaws). We feel horrible that We are unable to afford the Headstone for her and would love to see one there one day.
For those that come from the Wish Upon a Hero Website, please feel free to read through the Blog. One nice person brought it to My attention that there is a post stating We ordered the Headstone and they were going to place it in the Spring. That was Our true intention but again due to finances, We were unable to make the payments like We thought. If you have any questions, Please feel free to email Us and We will definitely get back to each and every person!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read Our Blog!
Stephanie, Chris, Z, M and B