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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

6 Years Ago Today

6 Years ago today You went away!
The Lord had plans for you in another way!
We cried and held you tight but the Lord said 
"You will see her again another time".
You were so small, so brave, and so strong!
You meant the world to Us all along.
You came to Us a little too soon
and tried to stay with Us so long.
We wish you could have stand with Us,
But We know the Lord had better plans!

We love and miss you so much Baby Girl. Hard to believe it has been 6 years. We think of you night and day and talk about you all the time. We dream about "what would have been" and "what you would be doing now at 6" and it is just hard to believe. You meant the World to Us Baby Girl and always will! You were Our Sunshine, You brightened the World with your Big Heart in such a tiny person. You were the Bravest person Daddy and I had ever met. I know Nana is up there enjoying you to pieces! She and Papa adored you from the second they found out about you! Nana read to you and held you tight. They took care of your Sisters and Brother while Daddy and I were with you. I am so glad that you can be with her and enjoy her like We did. We miss you and her so badly. 

You would be so proud of your Daddy, He got a great job in Hawaii and We are in the "Land of Paradise" as they call it here. We have been here a little while and are trying to figure things out still. The two littles on start school on Monday, and Big Sis started last Monday. Hard to believe they are in 7th, 4th and 3rd this year! We have been to the Ocean a few times and found the Big Mall that Big Sis just loves! 

We have some Awesome News coming soon but We can't say just yet.

We love and miss you to pieces Baby Girl! Wishing you were here with Us in "Paradise", But I know you are in a MUCH BETTER PLACE in Heaven! We can't wait to see you again one day!!

Emmie-Rose Payton J.B. Yannella
July 15, 2006-Sept. 19, 2006


Mommy and Daddy

Z, M and B

Rest in Peace Sweet Baby Girl

PS: Poem written by Mommy (9-24-12)


  • At 12/11/2012 11:13:00 AM, Anonymous Jacqueline Harvey said…

    Miss you, little angel. Those who prayed for you still think of you, even all these years later.


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