The Story of Emmie-Rose

This is the story of a little girl that came into this world way ahead of schedule. Now fighting day by day until she can be home with her family. This is Emmie's story. From 23 weeks old on...

Friday, September 19, 2008

2 Years Ago Tonight

Okay, So 2 yrs ago today You went away.

Since then, I havent been the same.

I think of You constantly and wonder

what You are doing in Heaven!! I know

You are having a wonderful time and I am

so glad your not in pain. You accepted all the

pain and suffering with a True Angel's heart.

Z, M and B talk about You all the time and Wish

You were here. They miss you terribly and want You

to "come home".

You were too young to leave this world but the Lord

knew what He was doing. I dont question Why and never

will. Though I would love to know why He chose You that day,

right now is not the time. I will see You again one day in Heaven

so "leave the light on" :)

You went peacefully in My arms that night and never made a fuss.

You endured so much without a single complaint.

Emmie-Rose Payton J.B. You are Mommy's HERO and Always have been and Always will be!!!

Please Watch Out for Us down here!

My love for You will NEVER DIE!! You are My Sweet Baby Girl forever!


Mommy & Daddy

Z, M and B

RIP Sweet Baby Girl

7-15-06 to 9-19-06

66 Precious Days here with Us.

Gone NEVER forgotten!

(picture taken on 9-19-06)


  • At 9/20/2008 10:15:00 PM, Blogger Billy... said…

    Steph and Chris, I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to both of you during this time of year. I just recently learned of what had happened and no parents should have to go through that, let alone people as great as you guys. I am truly sorry. Take care and my prayers are with you.


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