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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Aug 9th - Ding! Round 1

Remember when you were growing up and your parents said "Oh you should be a doctor, or a fireman"... well the way things are going... Stephanie and I should be able to get thru med school pretty quickly.

Stephanie and I went up to visit today. I did not have much time because I had to head off to school by 4:00pm.

We got up there and were visiting. It seemed like all the nurses were too busy to even say hello. Things were cool then she started alarming at 100% o2 saturation. 100% is not good becuase it can cause problems with their eye development as they get older. Most of the time Emmie-Rose will fix this herself by her breathing and no big deal.

So shes alarming at 100%. and going and going and going.... 6 minutes later with NOBODY
coming over to check on her. I was pissed. I walked out of the room to look for the doctor.
Found the Fellow(Pretend doctor in training) and he said lets go take a look. Super.
He walked over, adjusted her breathing machine, next crisis. We asked can we have a meeting!
That was just insane that nobody came over to check on her.

So we pulled them all into the conference room. Real doctor, Fellow, Social Worker, Nurse Manager to talk about what just happened and some other valid concerns.
I hope something constructive came from this meeting. We are going to be at this hospital for
3 to 5 Months! It seems like we are are not getting the personal care at U of M hospital like we did at St. Joes. Communication between the U of M staff, Stephanie and I needs to be greatly improved someway. I hope we don't need to have another meeting like we did today.

We Love you Emmie-Rose!
Get Better SOON!


  • At 8/10/2006 12:56:00 PM, Blogger Khyricat said…

    I hope this all works out- Chris, I sent you an email with a few suggestions and some information...

  • At 8/10/2006 04:05:00 PM, Anonymous Kelly said…

    There should be a social worker or someone within the hospital that you can call with complaints like this. It's supposed to stop lawsuits from happening. Locate that number and put it in your speed dial of your phone.


  • At 9/22/2006 10:25:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know you were speaking out of fear and care for your daughter, but the your tone when discussing the people who cared for your daughter is a little disconcerting. "The nurses were too busy to even say hello"--wow, were they caring for their patients? how dare they! "6 minutes later with NOBODY
    coming over to check on her" you went to find a pretend doctor(you mean a person who has a full doctoral degree and has fellowship training?--sounds like a real doctor to me). I am sorry you didn't feel like you could have approached one of the nurses to help you; or that you feel only some people (nurses included) are adequate to care for your daughter.
    Hopefully when this experience is done you will still remember the people who cared and worked very hard for your daughter and many like her. The ones who lose lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, don't get to sit for an entire shift; and use emotional and physical energy every day trying to keep them alive.


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