The Story of Emmie-Rose

This is the story of a little girl that came into this world way ahead of schedule. Now fighting day by day until she can be home with her family. This is Emmie's story. From 23 weeks old on...

Monday, August 07, 2006

August 7th 23 Days Old!!!

Today Emmie-Rose is doing Very Well!! The Infection is E-Coli! GRRRrrr So they will treat her for 14 days to get rid of it. They took another blood sample today to see if it turned out negative. The Neurosurgeons decided not to do the Tap today and will wait til tomorrow to see what the sample says before they proceed. The fluid has not built up anymore since Saturday which is a Great thing though We still need to get the "Shunt" in soon. She is such a fighter: Here's a cute story: They have an IV in her right arm, She just loves to VOGUE (put her arms up by her head and kinda play with her hair), so She started wiggling in her Snuggle Wedge, so I unbundled her some so She could move her arm. Well, because the IV is in, She isnt supposed to bend her arm at all or the Alarm will go off. So, the Nurse came over and put her arm back under the wrap. Well Emmie-Rose got it right back out!!LOL So Mom went to tuck her arm back in again and Emmie-Rose wouldnt let Mom budge her arm at all!! LOL So I reached in to help Mom tuck her back in and I had to wrestle with her for a few minutes before She finally let Me tuck her back in!! It was sooo funny!! She is so darn Cute!! :)

It was adorable!!! Just like her!! :)

You Grow Girl!!! :)

Keep on Praying!!



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