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Friday, August 04, 2006

August 4th - Moving Day

What a crazy crazy day.
Today was the day Emmie-Rose is to be transferred to the U of M.
For insurance reasons and surgeon reasons she needs to travel.
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital has been great. Stephanie and I are scared and
anxious about today's move.

1:00 rolls around and the transfer team burst thru the door.
There was a team of ten for the ride. They had what looked like a big portable pizza oven with monitors and repertory equipment attached to the bottom of it. Everything fit in a nice neat box with an opening at the top to slide the baby in to bake.

The ride over was easy. No problems.. Yet..

Stephanie and I talked with the social worker and she filled us in on everything. Super. In the mean time there was a team of about 20+ doing everything to her. (Ug!) Poor Emmie-Rose had every test in book along with head scans, x-rays, blood work, the big bundle of records we brought over seemed like it ignored. Well we don't have all the results from our exams and testing… When we got to her the Nero interns were trying to see her pupils and I was getting pissed because she was pretty rough with her.

The fun did not stop there...

At one point the nurse tried to turn her over and her breathing tube popped out.
It was great watching her turn blue before they got her bagged. They overhead paged to get the doctors in the room. Then the fellow (the almost doctor) on duty could not get the tube back in. The U of M is a huge teaching hospital.
I just don't like my kids being used as the fellows lab assignments!

They suctioned her out but there was still an issue.

They were at first going to let her try breathing on her own but that was not working well.
She was just toooo tired after all the stuff she had had up until now.
Then the real doctor came in. The fellow asked his senior should he just push the tub on thru. The real doctor must have heard me because he said No try it like this! There was swelling so they could not put the 3.0 tube back in, they had to use the 2.5 tube instead.

It was nerve wrenching when they would take the hand pump off her and her heart rate (ECG) and oxygen saturation (SPO2) would drop to almost single digits. Stephanie was holding back the tears and I'm like watching and thinking what the (beep) are they messing around for. Finally after all the drama they got her settled down bit but then scheduled a lumbar puncture for later that night.

Lord give this baby strength! It was after 10:00pm when we got the kids from Nana & Papa, ate dinner, and collapsed. Tomorrow is another day…

Sweet Dreams Emmie-Rose!
Lord please take this little baby's pain away.
Give her the strength to heal quickly so that she can be home with her family!


  • At 8/06/2006 05:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am crying for you here at work Chris and Stephanie...hang in there.

    Love Betty


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