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Monday, August 28, 2006

August 28th 44 Days Old!!!

HI Everyone!! Well with Life being so extremely busy these days, blogging has become about a once a week thing.

This past week has been pretty exciting! She has been going up every day on her feedings (through a feeding tube) and doing Great!!! She loves it!!! I am pumping milk for her everyday and have a HUGE Supply for Her just waiting to be used. :) She hasnt had a bit of problem with her food at all.
Her Spinal Fluid has decreased which means they are taking less off a day and only once a day. Her brain has decreased in size as well by far which is wonderful! She gets ultrasounds done twice a week now to see how things are progressing, and things are looking very good.
She only has her breathing tube, feeding tube and leads for her heart monitor on. Her central line is gone, her IVS are out. Meds go through her feeding tube now!!
She is on three meds right now for her lungs because they looked cloudy and sounded wet, and the third they just started today to see if it will open her lungs more and make her machine not desat so much. (We arent sure if its just a touchy tube situation or if something isnt right or what right now) but between the docs, nurses, rts and Us, We are trying to figure it out.) Desatting means there isnt enough oxygen going to Her.

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to hold Her again yesterday!!!! :) They do a hold called "Kangaroo Care", which means skin to skin contact. This was the first time I had held Her this way and it was just Awesome. I put on a hospital gown and they put her on My chest right under the gown and She keeps warm from My body heat. What a complete Joy it was. I could have stayed like that forever (except My other Babies need Me too) :) It was a wonderful feeling! Chris took a bunch of pictures that We can hopefully get up here soon. (Please dont hurt Us over no updated pics, it takes alot to being to get on the computer these days at all). :) She is over 2.7 pounds now (not sure exact lbs as She was weighed again last night and I didnt look at the chart today). They go by grams and Us "real" people go by pounds!! hehehe I held her for almost 3 hours, the longest I have gotten to hold her. I think She wanted Me to hold Her forever :( It was really hard to have to put her back in Her bed.


Keep on Praying!!!



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