The Story of Emmie-Rose

This is the story of a little girl that came into this world way ahead of schedule. Now fighting day by day until she can be home with her family. This is Emmie's story. From 23 weeks old on...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Emmie-Rose Story

Hi Everyone!!!

As alot of You have probably heard, Chris and I had another Baby Girl last Saturday, July 15th. Emmie-Rose weighed 1 lb 5 oz and came about 17 weeks early. She is soooo Beautiful.

What happened You ASK!!! LOL Well, I went to work on Friday afternoon as scheduled though I wasnt feeling well at all, very tired and pukey (nothing unusual) so I got together and went to work anyways. I was very drained still at work, Chris was there for awhile doing some things and He helped Me out alot. Well around 3ish I started having "gas pains", so I went downstairs to go to the restroom with no effective results, so I came back upstairs, went back down still hurting, came back up, went down one more time and then knew something was up other than "gas pains". So I called Chris, My dad took My kiddos with him and Chris and I headed for the Hospital. At this point I am hurting pretty good (come to find out, Contractions two minutes apart). Got to Triage, they took Me to the back and started trying to figure out what was going on. Yes, I was contracting, Why, I was contracting, no one knew at that exact time what was causing it. I had a slight temp and was hurting pretty good by this point. They moved Me to a Labor room and proceeded to give Me meds to stop the contractions (DIDNT WORK, OUCH). Finally received a "spinal" in order to take out the cerclage (stitches to hold the cervix closed til birth). Doctor said My bag of water had come through the cervix but had not ruptured yet (which was good) though I was bleeding pretty hard due to Emmie-Rose pushing on the stitches on the cervix. So I kept bleeding and they took Me to OR to take the stitches out in case She decided to come right then (which She didnt). So back to the Labor room We went, still contracting and the pain getting worse!! I kept bleeding and they didnt totally understand Why, so finally due to infection and whatnot, They decided We shouldnt wait to deliver Her. SO back to OR We went for the delivery. Two pushes and She was out and on My tummy. She was/is Beautiful!!! She was moving and ready to "go" though She was crying. The NeoNatal Docs/Nurses swept her off to start working with her. At first, they had a harder time with the lungs being so stiff but after about an hour or so they were able to get the things they needed to do for her done and She was put in her "bed" and after a few hours or so, Chris and I got to go to the Nicu to see her for the first time all cleaned up and cozy. She is doing Very well right now, She does have some bleeding on the brain that We are praying with subside and just go away soon but other than that her lungs are good, her vitals are staying pretty regular, her sugar is a little unstable at times but with Insulin is trying to stabilize. Her heart did open a little (which there is a med to treat that to help it close) (this is very normal in babies) so We are praying the med will work and She wont have to have surgery to close it. On Friday, Chris and I got to work with the Nurse to clean her up (within the Isolate). I took her temp, changed her diaper, washed her face and bootie and just helped the Nurse in general. Chris got to turn her head. He goes at night to visit her, while I try to go during the day and sit with her. He has changed her diaper twice and taken her temp once too (before ME EVEN)LOL.

Emmie-Rose is a Week Old Today!! WOO HOO Today is a VERY EXCITING Day!!! Today they will change her Isolate to a sterilized one. Which means, If She is stable enough with all her vitals and things, I will be able to hold her for the First time while they do that. We havent held her or got to Kiss her yet and I just cant WAIT!!!! I told Chris that He could hold her instead but He said for Me to hold her!! I am nervous as all get out as She is soo tiny but so excited, I cant wait!!! Please pray that I am feeling well (no fever today) and can hold her for a few minutes. Im sure there is a slight chance I wont be able to if she isnt stable but She was been doing amazingly well and I dont want to think that I cant so for now its a GO!!! LOL

We are so excited to have Our Fourth Little One here!! Its going to be a LONG Road but We are ready!!! Please keep Us in your Thoughts and Prayers as We go along this difficult but amazing road. Emmie-Rose is a true Fighter in every sense of the word and We are forever Blessed to have her with Us.

A side note, I have attached an Awesome picture of Emmie-Rose for You all to see. Please understand that the picture is "not scary" but maybe hard for some people to see (especially Little Ones), though M and B really enjoyed seeing "Baby Sis". So Parents, please view picture before showing your children as I dont want anyone frightened or "haunted" by it. No one has to open them if they would rather not, I just know some of You have asked for some. Z loves going to see her "Baby Sis" and would just Love for her to come home. I think She did notice more than the Little Ones but She has been doing well going to see her.

Hope Everyone has a Great Day!


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